About Us

Parade Foundation President, Leo Roche

A Message from Our President:

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes, or as the Irish would say, Cead Mile Failte, to the official website of the Mystic Irish Parade Foundation!

Most renowned for the planning and execution of the annual Mystic Irish Parade in Connecticut, the Mystic Irish Parade Foundation is a volunteer driven and registered nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible and directly help fund local charities, as well as the annual parade.

Over $2,000 is raised at MIPF events each year and then donated to local nonprofit organizations. In addition to organizing a spectacular parade for the community and raising funds for these charitable organizations, the Mystic Irish Parade Foundation is dedicated to promoting and sharing their Irish heritage!

The annual parade commences at 1:00 p.m., starting from the Mystic Seaport South Parking Lot and journeying thru downtown, ending at the Mystic Museum of Art. 25,000 people arrive annually to celebrate at this event, and the number of guests continues to grow with each passing year! Friends and family from near and far join together for the Mystic Irish Parade and it has become one of the best in the United States.

A parade of this magnitude requires incredible teamwork, fervent commitment and tireless efforts! It would not be possible without the core members of the Mystic Irish Parade Foundation. Not only are they the first to arrive and last to leave on Parade Day, they spend the entire year planning events, securing sponsorships and promoting the parade to make it the best it can possibly be!

A continuous thank you to both the founding members and those who have served on the MIPF committee for many years. In the Irish spirit, the more the merrier as well! The Mystic Irish Parade Foundation welcomes and embraces new members and individuals who would like to join the committee in the future. Please click the contact us link above for information on how you can volunteer or if you have any ideas for future events or charitable suggestions.

Thank you to the businesses who advertise in the parade program, the sponsors who directly support the parade and the community who makes it so fun for all! The festivities would not be possible or nearly as enjoyable without you!

Whether you are Irish, or just Irish at heart, we encourage you to visit the beautiful town of Mystic all year round and for the one and only Mystic Irish Parade! As in the movie Mystic Pizza, Mystic is indeed “A Little Slice of Heaven.”™ Come visit for a magnificent weekend of fun and fellowship with the Mystic Irish Parade Foundation!

Slainte (Cheers),

Leo Roche
President of the Mystic Irish Parade Foundation