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The 17th Annual Mystic Irish Parade
Will be held on Sunday, March 22nd, 2020
Parade kicks off at 1:00 p.m.
Photo courtesy of Larry St. Pierre Photography

Parade registration is now closed, sponsor opportunities still exist however the parade is full.

Dear Sir or Madam

The Mystic Irish Parade Foundation is excited to invite you to apply to our 2018 parade. It will take place at 1pm on Sunday, March 25th. The parade foundation is very proud of its development over the last fifteen years and eagerly awaits the start of the 2018 parade.

The 2017 parade operationally was a resounding success. The MIPF is a dedicated foundation that depends solely on sponsorship and financial support to operate. In order to meet our fiscal requirements for 2018 we will again have to hold firmly all fees paid to pipe bands, bugle corps, and other such entities at or below those of 2017. We empathize with you all and understand that you have the same hardships; however this is out of necessity if we are to continue to operate the parade.  We will understand if this means that you cannot participate this year. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU CLEARLY DENOTE YOUR REQUESTED APPEARANCE FEE WHEN APPLYING.

The MIPF will discuss all paid organization entries and will then decide who will be accepted. We encourage you to promptly return your application. This does not guarantee you a spot. The MIPF retains the right to accept or deny any paid entity. All paid groups will be notified by email if they will be included in the 2018 parade by 3/3/18.

Please note, we have made an update to our non-profit organization acceptance. All first responders and nonprofit groups that are community organizations will not be charged a fee to enter the parade. All other non-profit organization will be considered on a case by case basis. The MIPF is a charitable organization and as such will do its best to help secure a spot for any worthy charity. All charitable organizations must have 503c status and must have a clear history as a charitable organization. We apologize for this addition, but unfortunately, it is a sign of the times we operate in.

As in previous years all application will only be accepted via our online registration form. This can be found at www.mysticirishparade.org . Please note that completion of the online application does not guarantee acceptance into the 2018 parade. Acceptance will be confirmed closer to the parade date.

In addition, we ask that each of you please read our updated rules and regulations that can also be found on our website. We ask that you read and follow the updated 2018 rules and regulations in its entirety. This will ensure a safe and successful 2018 Mystic Irish Parade. If you can’t abide by these rules we ask that you not apply.

Please note that due to additional time constraints, the deadline for all applications is March 3rd, 2018. We appreciate your attention to this deadline and thank you in advance for your diligence in this matter. This has become an extremely busy parade and we have a have a capacity limit. In the last few years we have reached capacity earlier than the application deadline. Please sign up early to ensure no disappointments.

All questions and additional information can be fielded to the parade director at mattforde3@gmail.com  or via mail at the address above. The parade director will do his best to return all questions in a timely manner.

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Mystic Irish Parade and we look forward to accommodating you this year.

Yours truly,

Mystic Irish Parade Foundation


To address the growth of the parade we will make several changes to the parking lot.

  1. Oversized Vehicles: All oversized vehicles with the exception of our host fire department will be required to be in the parking lot by 10 am. We will open the parking lot one hour earlier to accommodate designated oversize vehicles ONLY. If you will not be able to comply with this request then please do not complete an application for this year. There will be MIPF staff on site beginning at 8.45am.
  2. Oversized Vehicles: During the winter months the downtown area of Mystic including the drawbridge will be under construction. This will present certain challenges for the parade. The bridge at parade time will be a single lane and there will be also height restrictions. Therefore, the parade will strictly adhere to the following height and width restrictions Vehicles can be no wider than 10ft and no taller than 12ft (Size of average fire truck). It is the sole responsibility of the participant to meet these specific requirements. The MIPF reserve the right to not allow entry to a float/vehicle that they feel will break the above noted restrictions.
  3. Parking spaces: As you are all aware, parking spaces are of a premium. This year we will be unable to accommodate individual parking. We ask that you address this by car pooling. We understand the challenges this may pose, but ask that you also appreciate the sheer volume of traffic we will face on that day.
  4. Youth Groups: All youth groups etc must identify a muster point and time. Please note that we will not allow parents to park in the muster lot unless they will be a parade participant and are given one of the designated parking spots.
  5. Buses: As in previous years there will be no bus parking space available in the muster lot. Buses will be allowed into drop off and then must leave immediately.
  6. Lot and Road Closure: The parking lot and surrounding roads will close PROMPTLY at 12.30pm. No vehicle admittance will be allowed after this time. This will ensure a timely step off time. The Stonington Police Dept will be strictly enforcing these time frames.
  7. Candy and Giveaways: Under no circumstances should anything be thrown from a vehicle or from parade participants. This is a huge safety risk for parade participants as well as parade spectators.
  8. Alcohol: As in previous years alcohol consumption in the muster parking lot and along the parade route WILL be strictly forbidden. The Police of Stonington and Groton will be strictly monitoring and enforcing this policy. Please help us to continue our great family centered experience.
  9. Stopping along the route: Please note that stopping to perform along the route is not permitted. We had several issues last year where long delays caused confusion for spectators. Please ensure that all of your routines or performances can be executed whilst marching. We will have parade marshals throughout the route this year who will ensure that there are no delays.